ViA Chakras Crystals

ViA Chakras Crystals


Welcome to the wonderful world of the Energy of the human body!

The proper functioning of our seven main chakras is essential for good physical, mental and emotional health. Our chakras are linked to one another, and they also represent portals for communication with the outside world. But how can we take care of them and balance them? 

The seven ViA Chakras Crystals bottles from VitaJuwel contain crystals which, thanks to their crystalline structure, transmit their vibrations to the water in the bottle. These crystals have been carefully selected so that the vibrations they cause in the water resonate perfectly with the corresponding chakra.

When you take a mouthful of ViA Chakras Crystals water you can feel it working on the chakra for which the mix of crystals was designed. Also, depending on the bottle you choose, the taste and texture of the water in your mouth may be different.

To sum up, the water you drink works on the body in a distinctly different way depending which ViA Chakras Crystals bottle you use. It's surprising, but it's certainly real! 

The decoration of the sumptuous ViA Chakras Crystals bottle echoes the theme of this unique collection. It is for your well-being, and it is the result of a close collaboration between VitaJuwel, the world number 1 for bottles with crystals, and EZAURA who were involved in selecting the crystals.

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  • ViA Chakras Crystals Crown


    amethyst, rutilated quartz, clear quartz

    Inspiration. Clarity. Focus.

    The Crown or "Sahasrara" chakra relates to spirituality and cosmic energies.

    In this mix, which is highly vibratory, the violet amethyst stimulates the mind and promotes discernment. The magnificent rutilated quartz produces a feeling of liberty. Also, it helps to channel the energy of superior worlds and immerse it in matter. Drinking this water is a completely natural way to enhance your vibrations.

  • ViA Chakras Crystals 3rd Eye


    dumortierite, lapis lazuli, clear quartz

    Intuition. Imagination. Wisdom.

    The 3rd Eye or "Ajna" chakra is linked to intuition and the mind.

    Give free rein to your inspiration! To reinforce your intuition and clarify your ideas, let yourself be guided by the deep blue of the lapis lazuli, the symbol of spirituality in Ancient Egypt. Dumortierite is used by naturopaths to restore stability and inner calm. Explore this invigorating mix and make the most of your talents.

  • ViA Chakras Crystals Throat


    angelite, chalcedony, clear quartz

    Communication. Expression. Openness.

    The throat chakra or "Vishuddha" is associated with the colour blue. It represents verbal, written and physical communication. It's a gateway to liberating our emotions through the filter of words and sounds.

    Gentle and welcoming angelite works with chalcedony to produce a feeling of serenity. This mix helps you find the right words, even in situations that may be difficult. It helps one accept new situations. Drink this water to discover your deepest truth and your unsuspected abilities to communicate!

  • ViA Chakras Crystals Heart


    chrysoprase, green aventurine, clear quartz

    Love. Harmony. Balance.

    The heart chakra "Anahata" is the seat of all our emotions. Associated with the colour green, it develops our capacity to love, first ourselves and then others.

    Get to know green aventurine, which is widely used for regeneration in natural medicine. Chrysoprase, also known as the stone of Venus, brings hope, self-confidence and openness to others. Every mouthful is a very nice, natural way to feel safe and in harmony with nature and the world around us.

  • ViA Chakras Crystals Solar...


    citrine, landscape jasper, clear quartz

    Self-confidence. Power. Inner strength.

    The solar plexus chakra "Manipura", linked with the colour yellow, is about our freedom and our relations with the world around us.

    Joyful citrine supports self-expression. Landscape jasper gives us the endurance necessary to follow our path. Drink this powerful mix in the morning. It will help you to progress confidently and lightness throughout the day.

  • ViA Chakras Crystals Sacral


    orange aventurine, carnelian, clear quartz

    Sensuality. Warmth. Creativity.

    The sacral chakra "Svadhisthana" is associated with the colour orange. It is the basis of our vitality. It is also the receptacle for our instincts and our material creativity.

    Use this mix to put you in a good mood. Sparkling cornelian stimulates joy and motivation. In association with aventurine, it helps balance Yin-Yang energy and reinforce determination. Follow your dreams, and make them come true!

  • ViA Chakras Crystals Root


    red jasper, black tourmaline, clear quartz

    Roots. Protection. Security.

    The root chakra "Muladhara", linked to the colour red, helps with grounding and awareness of our essential needs.

    Black tourmaline provides protection and security. Red jasper promotes vitality and courage. Explore this invigorating water which will stimulate you from the first mouthful.

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