The sensuality of the Vitajuwel gemstone phial immediately attracts anyone who discovers it. The gemstones placed in a glass case shine with their beauty and diversity. Taking the vial in hand is another sensual experience. The movement of the stones expresses flexibility and relaxation.

That's not all ! The vial placed in a carafe filled with water takes effect after seven minutes by vitalising it. All the properties of the stones offered are thus available to you in a simple, practical and hygienic way.

The stones that have been carefully selected and washed are placed in a glass vial handcrafted in Bohemia. The result is unique: aesthetics and art come together!

Depending on the stones placed in the vial, the action on the water will be different: sometimes it will be sweet or spicy, light or more consistent. It is another sensory experience accessible to all.

Many renowned scientists praise the benefits of stones and lithotherapy. Several Institutes confirm the effect of Vitajuwel vials on water quality. Wines too can benefit from these benefits.

The Vitajuwel decanters, specially designed to accommodate the vials harmoniously and safely, complete the aesthetic. The whole brings a special atmosphere to most tables.

VitaJuwel products are created and manufactured by:

VitaJuwel GmbH